37 rue Jouffroy d’Abbans

Paris 75017

Apartment: 4th floor left

To enter the building from the street, there is a pin pad for an access code: 83A78

To exit the building, push the button to the left of the front doors to release the lock

From the entrance lobby, take doors on the right, then head up the stairs, taking advantage of the elevator, which sits at the halfway point of each flight of stairs.

You must use the front door key to access the apartment. The key can be finicky, but pulling the door should do the trick. When the door closes, it’s locked, so remember to take the keys when leaving! Happily, there is a hidden key for emergencies (see video).



The wireless network is: SFR_851F

Password: Use QR Code above -or- d4emesup1nn9w1v3q87p

The TV is a SmartTV.  Turn on using controller. It will open and default to art selection (feel free to indulge in a new picture!).  To get to TV, push the round button to the left and page down to select Media.  The Home button will take you to all the loaded apps.  Spotify is loaded, so this is your best source of music.  If someone is sleeping on the couch, hold the power button down to turn off the TV completely (ie, to make the art picture go away).

The blinds are often down in the kitchen and living room so open the blinds and the windows if the weather is warm. There is no air-conditioning in the apartment and the heat is controlled by an app that we manage. There is a fan in each of the bedrooms, and there is a Dyson heating/cooling unit, which is easily moved room to room. The Dyson has a remote control (magnetic – sits on top of the unit), works great for heating, and at least moves the air to cool. There are blackout curtains in both bedrooms.

Blinds are controlled remotely, and there is a remote control in living room. Please put the blinds down before you depart.

There are two bedrooms: one has a Murphy queen bed (white) and the other has a queen bed. In addition, the living room couch is a queen size sleeper sofa. Opening the Murphy bed is not difficult; the couch is a little trickier (see videos for both). 



Towels and sheets are in the Murphy bedroom in the tall cabinet to the right as you enter the room. Heavy linens (duvets, heavy blankets, etc.) are in the main bedroom under the mattress (lift to access the storage space). There are four sets of sheets and all are the same size, so interchangeable between the beds and couch.

The shower and toilet are in separate rooms. Extra toilet paper is either on the shelf above the toilet or in the cabinets under the window in the bathroom with the shower.

There is a hairdryer in the bathroom cabinets under the window.

The only source of heat in the bathroom is the towel warmer.  During cold weather, turn it on to keep the bathroom warm.  Please remember to turn off when you depart.

The kitchen is well equipped with a dishwasher (detergent in drawer under sink), induction cook top, oven, water kettle, and microwave (see video).  The toaster is in a drawer under the microwave, along with a hand mixer and immersion blender.  Pots and pans, dish towels, hot pads, and placemats are in the drawers under the cook top.

The De’Longhi coffee maker has containers to steam milk (in cabinet underneath). Coffee mugs are located there as well.  There is also a French Press located in a cabinet over the sink.

There are cloth shopping bags in the black unit under the TV. If the weather is inclement, there are umbrellas in this unit as well.



The washer, dryer and detergent are in the Murphy bedroom in the cabinet across from the bed. The electric dryer has a water drawer (top left corner of unit and marked BOSCH) ) that must be emptied after every use (see video). There is also a drying rack located in a cabinet in the Murphy bedroom.

The iron and ironing board are the in same cabinet as the washer/dryer.



Please empty the trash and recycling before departing.  Don’t forget to empty coffee grounds! 

Trash and recycling bins are in the black cabinet in the kitchen, under the coffee maker. Trash bags are in the drawer under the kitchen sink.

To dispose, go to the lobby. Instead of turning left to exit the building, turn right and go through the doors into the center courtyard. The 2nd door on the right is the garbage and recycling room.

The easiest way to get around Paris is using the métro.  Tickets can be purchased at any station or more conveniently, a Navigo card can be used for multiple rides.  There is a fee to purchase Navigo cards, so feel free to use the cards which are on the table in the hallway.

To use the Navigo cards, simply tap on the métro turnstile and one ride will be deducted. Using these cards provides a fare discount.

Remember: when getting on or off the métro, the doors (in most cases) are not automatic and must be manually opened by riders.

Before departing, please add funds to the cards covering the number of rides used. Adding funds can be done at any métro station using the machines (which provide an English language option) or using an iPhone or Android with the Bonjour RATP app (which is in English).  

To access a taxi, note that Paris is not New York City, so just lifting an arm to hail a taxi anywhere on the street does not work. Instead, look for a taxi stand to access a taxi. A bright roof light means taxi is available; a dim light means taxi is occupied.

• Return house key to the coffee table or emergency hiding place

• Make up the bed in the main bedroom with fresh linen

• Leave any laundry in the hamper

• If métro Navigo cards used, refill to add additional fare

• Empty the trash and recycling; don’t forget the grounds from the coffee maker

• Turn off heater on towel warmer in bathroom

• Make sure all lights are off

• Put down the blinds using the remote control

• Close curtains in bedrooms

• Please leave €50 for the cleaning service

Universal Emergency Number: 112 (equivalent to US 911) - operators are fluent in French & English

Urgent Medical Assistance: 15

Fire: 18